International School Franchise – EdifySchools

International School Franchise - Edify SchoolsInternational School Franchise - Edify Schools

“Early Childhood Care and Education Onus on Educators too”

Edify International School franchise

MDN Edify Education offers franchisee of Edify School (from Kindergarten to 10 + 2)

In 2010 MDN Edify Education opened the door way to world class education through Edify Schools Franchisee at making international standard education accessible and affordable to all children.

Conceptualized and designed to revolutionize education in the country with the aim of providing quality education at an reasonably cost in smaller cities and towns of India, Edify Education are driven by the vision of an India whose children are educated, environmentally conscious and ready to become global leaders of the future.
High Quality control, well investigated curriculum, technological management along with infusion of latest technologies in the classrooms constitute the mantra for Edify school franchise to operate.

MDN Edify Education, an initiative of DRS group caters to all segments of higher secondary education, secondary education, primary, pre-primary education. While maintaining the highest standards and quality of education, Edify Educations offers a broad choice of schools, to match every requirement in these segments through our pre-schools Edify kids, our low-investment mid-budget MDN Future school with national and international curriculum.

High school franchise

Our 3C education model revolves around Inquiry based learning through the 3C approach which develops Character, Competence and Content in a child, and ensures holistic education to the child.

CBSE school franchise

At MDN Edify Pvt. Ltd., its always an endeavor to continuously provide assistance in making the processes and procedures simpler and much easier for its partners in the running of their schools on a day to day basis. Quite a few of our schools are at the crucial juncture or soon due to get affiliated to the CBSE Board for the Secondary sections
CBSE provides 3 kinds of affiliation i.e., provisional, permanent and temporary for the following reasons:
1. For approval of Middle Class Syllabus or additional subjects, if your school is already affiliated.
2. For upgrading your school to senior or senior secondary level.
3. For extension of Provisional Affiliation upto Secondary/ Senior Secondary level
4. The norms for affiliation of a school with CBSE are given in the ‘Affiliation Bye-laws of CBSE‘, but the following norms can be considered as the most important or most essential norms while applying to CBSE Affiliations.

cbse school franchise in India

Our schools span across the years between Kindergarten and Grade 12 and can be offered either as a play school or a complete K12 school. Each school implements the 3C curriculum, our thoroughly researched and action oriented curriculum in the primary years.

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