Franchise Of Edify School :

MDN Edify Education offers franchisee of Edify School (from Kindergarten to 10 + 2) In 2010 MDN Edify Education opened the door to world class education through Edify Schools Franchisee at making international standard education accessible and affordable to all children.

  1. Edify School Nagpur
  2. Edify School Ranipet (TN)
  3. Edify School Amravati
  4. Edify School Hyderabad

Edify School Requirements :

  1. Area Required – 3-5acres
  2. Place – Cities / Urban
  3. Grades – Nursery – 12
  4. Capacity – 1640
  5. Student: Teacher Ratio – 15: 1
  6. Facilities – Sports Indoor & Outdoor; Swimming/ Skating, Fine arts & Music
  7. Curriculum – CBSE/ICSE
  8. Investment – 8 – 10 Crore depending on the city.

For further details contact, E-mail:, +91-40-23792123, 24, 25

Edify Kids Faq :

Why Should I Sign Up ?

  1. Tie up with reputed brand from India
  2. Commercially and technically viable and proven project
  3. Low investment and minimum risk
  4. Reasonable ROI (return on investment)

What Are Franchising Benefits ?

  1. You are granted with a reputed brand name
  2. You will benefit from being part of our franchise group, including ground representation
  3. You have your name, address, contact number on our website
  4. You receive front and back office software support
  5. You receive a national advertising that will continually reinforce our distinctive brand image
  6. You have all of your processing done through system by our head office, enabling you to focus on generating more admissions in your town
  7. You receive Affinity Account Leads
  8. You receive Staff Training

What Support We Provide You ?

We will support you to setup your business and help you grow with:

  1. Start up training and full technical and operational support and recruiting the team
  2. Making Manpower policies
  3. Share enquiries from your territory
  4. Center operations procedures.
  5. Operational processes (Reporting formats, database management, requirement incentives etc.)
  6. Continuous interaction and guidance on all aspects of running the business including business development, delivery, finance, manpower issues etc.
  7. Share the online training methods
  8. Share promotional and Branding Material
  9. Ongoing Business Development guidance and support
  10. Dedicated access to academic portals.
  11. Infrastructure Guidance- Infrastructural equipment, Office layout plan, etc.

The Ideal Franchisee :

The perfect franchisee meeting our requirements would be:

  1. Having the capacity to make an Investment of minimum of 8to 10 Lakh depending chosen city/state
  2. Area around 3500sft (depending on cities)
  3. Motivated and having a dynamic personality
  4. Team player, good communicator and self-disciplined with acumen for setting up efficient systems
  5. Able to invest 4 to 6 hours on daily basis
  6. Passionate about doing something useful and getting recognition in the community
  7. Preferably with a zeal to start an educational institution
Items Approx Cost
Infrastructural / Includes painting and civil work 5, 00,000/-
Classroom furniture (30 sets) 55,000/-(Supplied by DRS Corporate)
Play equipments 60,000/-(On your own)
Office furniture 30,000/-(On your own)
Television with DVD, Audio System CD Player 25,000/-(On your own)
Computer with printer 30,000/-(On your own)
School Bus (Optional) (On your own)
Bellow detains will be supplied by Edify Kids 1, 25,000/-
  1. Teaching Aid
  2. Library Kit
  3. Admission Kit
  4. Educational Kit

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