CBSE South Zone Swimming Competition 2016-17

Invitation for participation in the CBSE South Zone Swimming Competition Girls – 13th, 14th, 15th Oct 2016

Edify World School Balapur pleasurely inform all that CBSE has graciously entrusted our school to organize the CBSE South Zone Inter School Swimming Competition for girls commencing from 13th to 15th October 2016. We welcome all school team whole- heartedly to participate in the competition. We assuring you a healthy competition and comfortable stay, while you are with us in our campus.


The competition will be conducted at Edify World School Balapur, Balapur RCI Road, Beside Balaji Township, Hyderabad – 500005. The school is located 15 Kms from Hyderabad, Airport, 25 Kms from Secunderabad Railway station, However a brief route Map is attached herewith.


The order of events for CBSE SOUTH ZONE SWIMMING COMPETITION 2016-17 was updated in morning and eventing session for three days of events. Registrations will close one week before the event.

Details of Accommodation

Please fill the Details of Accommodation



The participating Teams should report on 12th October 2016. The accommodation will be provided to the participating students and The Manager / Coach.


Duly filled entry forms (soft copies) as per the enclosed format must reach the undersigned on the address mentioned at the end of the page ON OR BEFORE SEPTEMBER 30.2016. Hard copies of the originals have to reach us ON OR BEFORE 4th OCTOBER 2016. Under any circumstances on the spot entry or late entry will not be entertained. Further postal delay will not considered as an excuse for late entry. Teams should submit all relevant documents of participants (as per the norms set by CBSE Board) to the organizers on arrival. Teams without proper eligibility forms will not be allowed to participate in the competition.


The inauguration of the tournament will be held on 13th October 2016 morning and closing ceremony will be on the evening of 15th October 2016. The programme will be intimated to the Managers / coaches during meeting.


will be provided to those who come from outstation schools on prior report. Charges Rs.350 per head per day.

A) ACCOMMODATION: Ms. Sureka – 9885088598,

B) TRANSPORTATION: Mr. Venkat Reddy – 9966469666

C) FOOD: Ms. Sureka – 7674897443


Rs.1500/- (Refundable) To be deposited along with the boarding and lodging amount.


a) Proof of payment of Annual Mandatory Sports fee to CBSE 2016-2017

b) Eligibility forms as per format provided by CBSE

c) Valid identity cards of accompanying officials.

d) Group photo of team with Principal.

e) ONE school flag.

f) Photo identity card.

1) Students are requested not to bring any valuable items such as Jewellery, Camera, PSP, Walkman etc…. if such things were brought, it would be at their own risk.

2) The managers will be responsible for the safety of belongings of their teams.

3) The school will not be responsible for any illness, injury or accidents, which occurs during the sports meet, however the school has full-fledged Medical clinic managed by qualified physician.

4) The schools are requested to make their own arrangements for their journey reservation.

5) Events will be conducted as per the format provided by the CBSE. Referee will be overall in – charge or the conduct of events.

6) The dos & don’ts along with the rules and regulations of the tournament will be provided to the managers at the meeting with managers.

7) In case of any nature circumstance the change in time and arrangements will be informed to the managers and coach.

8) Strict DISCIPLINE should be maintained inside the campus. We look forward to your kind co-operation for smooth conduct of the competition.

9) The team officials are requested to complete all the formalities and clear all the dues if any can receive the relevant certificates from school reception before leaving the school.

Protest of any nature in connection with the tournament shall be in writing and must reach the Organizing Secretary and CBSE Observer within one hour of the declaration of the result, duly accompanied by a fee of Rs.1000/- (Rupees one Thousand).
Such a protest will be considered by Jury of Appeal, consisting of following:-

1. Principal, organizing school

2.Organizing secretary

3.CBSE Observer

4.One or two technically qualified people present at the venue.

The parties under dispute may be heard before deciding the issue. In case the protest is uphold, the protest fee shall be refunded to the protesting school otherwise the fee shall be forfeited.



The athlete/ player should be within the particular age group on 31 December of the year of competition.

Only bonafide students shall be eligible to participate in the Inter- School tournament/ meets. Feeding any one bonafide student shall lead to disqualification of the team. Incomplete Performa in any respect is liable for disqualification of team. Any violation in eligibility (over age or Impersonation) shall be dealt according to rules. The original eligibility Performa of the Players/ Teams qualifying to participate from Zone level as the case may be and forwarded to the National Organizing School, immediately after their Zone level competition is over. Medical checkup may also be applied by the jury of Appeal appointed by organizing school in the cases of overage suspicion. Photograph of each player should be attested by the principal on the eligibility form. A Photocopy of the eligibility form of all the qualifying players should be retained by the Zone organizers. The original copy duly verified by the cost school should be forwarded to the National Organizing School in order to ensure that the same player(s) who had played at the Cluster/ Zone level only play in the Nationals. The subsequent year organizing schools can request the copy of eligibility Performa from the previous years’ organizer. A player shall be under 11; 14; 17 & 19 years of age on 31 Dec 2016.

1. Under 11 years: Born on or after 01.01.2006.
2. Under 14 years: Born on or after 01.01.2003
3. Under 17 years: Born on or after 01.01.2000
4. Under 19 years: Born on or after 01.01.1998

All the supporting papers verifying the age of the player, etc in original, as per the CBSE Guidelines & Rules shall be carried personally by the Team Manager / Coach while reporting for participation. The player’s right to participate forfeits if fails to produce the papers supporting the eligibility in original on demand. Any team/athlete not fulfilling the eligibility criteria before the commencement of the tournament/ meet shall not be permitted to participate.

Swimming (Girls)

The CBSE swimming competition shall be conducted under the rules of the Swimming Federation of India (SFI)

Every school will be entitled to enter ONLY ONE SWIMMER.

Under 11 yrs Under 14 yrs Under 17 yrs Under 19 yrs
50 m Free Style 50 m Free Style 50 m Free Style 50 M Free Style
100 m Free Style 100 m Free Style 100 m Free Style 100 M Free Style
50 m Back Stroke 200 m Free Style* 200 m Free Style* 200 M Free Style*
50 m Breast Stroke 50 m Back Stroke 400 M Free Style* 400 M Free Style*
    800 M Free Style*  
50 m Butterfly Stroke 100 m Back Stroke 50 M Back Stroke 800 M Fee Style* for Girls‟ & 1500 M Free Style* for Boys‟
200 M Individual  Medlay* 50 m Breast Stroke 100 M Back Stroke 50 M Back Stroke
4×50 m Free Style Relay 100 m Breast Stroke 200 M Back Stroke* 100 M Back Stroke
4×50 m Medlay Relay 50 m Butterfly 50 M Breast Stroke 200 M Back Stroke*
  100 m Butterfly 100 M Breast Stroke 50 M Breast Stroke
  200 m Individual Medlay* 200 M Breast Stroke* 100 M Breast Stroke
  4×100 m Free Style Relay 50 M Butterfly Stoke 200 M Breast Stroke*
  4×100 m Medlay Relay 100 M Butterfly Stroke 50 M Butterfly Stroke
    200 M Butterfly Stoke* 100 M Butterfly Stroke
    200 M Individual Relay* 200 M Butterfly Stroke*
    4×100 M Free Style Relay 200 M Individual Medlay*
    4×100 M Medlay Relay 400 M Individual Medlay*
      4×100 M Free Style Relay
      4×100 M Medlay Relay
Events marked (*) will be conducted on time trial basis. It would mean that every swimmer in these events will get only one chance, and the final positions in these events will be determined on the basis of time recorded in different heats.

*In Under 11 years age group 3 EVENTS PLUS RELAY, a swimmer can participate in maximum three individual events and in relays.
* In under 14 years age group 4 EVENTS PLUS RELAY, a swimmer can participate in maximum four individual events and in relays.
* In under 17 & 19 years age group 5 EVENTS PLUS RELAY, a swimmer can participate in maximum five individual events and in relays.
* The Individual Championship (Best Swimmer) in any age group will be awarded only to one swimmer on the basis of medals won, and in case of tie, performance will be taken into consideration.
From each Zone, the first and second position winning Swimmers/ Relay teams will qualify to participate in the Nationals.

For further details

Feel free to contact,

Meet Organizing Secretary
Coordinator (Sports) Mr. Srikanth – 7095454333
Transport Incharge Mr. Venkat Reddy – 9966469666 (School campus, Railway Station, Bus Station)
Lodging & Boarding Ms. Sureka – 9885088598, (School Campus)
Contact No. 7095454333 or 9177980033





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