education today school survey ranking 2016

                                                         School Survey Rankings 2016-17

Please Note :

1. The survey is conducted by Education Today Bangalore and the findings will be published in an annual education edition issue of Education Today (Published on November           15th 2016 and in
2. The top schools will be awarded and felicitated in our 4th National Conference on K-12 leadership on 10th December, 2016 at The Chancery Pavilion, Bangalore.
3. The Principal should sign the filled questionnaire.
4. Please send the completed questionnaire along with school brochure by 15th Oct, 2016 to the following address:
    Education Today, DJ Business Centre, Office 102,#20, Gold Tower,#50, Residency Road, Bangalore – 560 025. || Email: , Ph: 080-41627627.
    Website :

Note : Fill All Field properly.

Here Is The Link For Voting  :

General Information:

School Name:
Email ID :
Address :
Website Url :
Name Of Principal :
Principal Email id :
Contact name for survey :
Contact person mobile no :

Details regarding the School:

Select Category :

-Select Category-
Only Boys
Only Girls

Select Category:

-Select Category-
Government School
Private Aided School
Private Unaided School

In which category would you like to nominate your school

-Select Category-
Day School
Residential/ International
Partially Residential/International

If international, from which class is curriculum followed:

Curriculum followed :

-Select Category-

Operations Overview:
Parameter Primary (I to V) Secondary(VI to X) Higher Secondary (XI, XII)
i) Total number of students in school
ii) Average Class Size (number of students)
iii) Number of applications received per year
iv) Tuition fees per year per student
v) Non Tuition fees per year per student
vi) Co-curricular hours per week for a student
vii) Extracurricular hours per week for student

Infrastructure and Facilities

Campus area of the school (in acres)
Total built up area (in sq. feet)
No. of computers with configuration of P2 & above
Number of books in library
Number of Faculty cabins
Number of Auditoriums
Seating capacity of Auditoriums
Number of laboratories of different subjects
Number of class rooms
Number of air-conditioned classrooms
Number of IT enabled learning rooms
Month(s) in which application process for admissions take place:
Month in which the academic year begins:

Tick the facilities that are available in your campus

Facilities Own Tie-Up N/A Facilities Own Tie-Up N/A
Cricket Ground Lawn Tennis Court
Basket Ball Court Badminton Court
Football Ground Squash Facilities
Billiards Table Gymnasium
Swimming Pool
Do you employ any specialists coaches to train your students? : Yes No
Do you have any in house doctor/ nurse?: Yes No
Do you provide any training to non-teaching staff on safety precautions for school children? : Yes No

Academics and Pedagogy (Please give information about your last board results) :

2016 2015
10th board exams 12th board exams 10th board exams 12th board exams
What was the pass percentage
How many students got over 85%
How many students got over 75%
How many students got over 60%
Is Vocational training being conducted as a part of the curriculum within the school premises : Yes No
Do they get any exposure to new trends and technology ?: Yes No
Do you provide any teaching & soft skills training to your teachers? : Yes No
Number of Parent-Teacher meetings conducted in a year: Yes No
Do you have a student counselor ? : Yes No
Do you have any special educational arrangements in place in your school for children with learning disabilities and special needs? : Yes No
Please select mode / channel of communication with the parents:- (Kindly Select): Circulars Dairies Email School Website


Any extraordinary achievements in the last two years in:
Academics (Number of state / national ranks/ Olympiads etc.)
Extra – curricular activities (Recognized Awards)
Sports and other outdoor activities (District / State / National / International representation)
Awards received by (School/ Principal/ Teacher)
Description of extraordinary achievements :
Do you have an alumni database : Yes No
No. of alumni on database :
Do you have any get together/ functions for your school’s alumni? : Yes No
Any extraordinary characteristic of your school you want to highlight (1-2 paras):

Educators Choice Awards

Seal of the Institution, Signature of Principal / Director
Below is a unique category designed to award three schools (other than your own) which you think deserve to be recognised? Voted for by you, the Educators Choice Award will rely on your expertise in the field of education.
Sr. No. Day School Boarding School International School Pre School

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