Assessment and Analysis of information about student performance at edify school



Assessment is the gathering and analysis of information about student performance. It identifies what students know, understand, can do and feel at different stages in the learning process.

Learners Constructing MeaningAssessment is integral to all teaching and learning. Thoughtfully and effectively guiding students through the six essential elements of learning:-

The displaying of Character,
The understanding of Concepts
The acquisition of knowledge,
The mastering of Competence,
The development of Content,
 And the decision to take responsible Action.

Everyone concerned with assessment – students, teachers, parents, administrators, and board members – must have a clear understanding of the reasons for the assessment, what is being assessed, the criteria for success, and the method by which the assessment is made.

The 3C describes the taught curriculum as the written curriculum in action. Using the written curriculum, and in collaboration with colleagues and students, the teacher generates questions which guide structured inquiry and instruction.
These questions address the eight key concepts which help lead to productive lines of inquiry.
Assessment focuses on the quality of student learning during the process of inquiry and instruction and on the quality of the products of that learning.

Assessment is, therefore, integral to the taught curriculum. It is the means by which we analyze student learning and the effectiveness of our teaching and acts as a foundation on which to base our future planning and practice. It is central to our goal of guiding the student, from novice to expert, through the learning process.

The assessment component in the school’s curriculum can itself be subdivided into three closely related areas:

  • Assessing – How we discover what the students know and have learned.
  • Recording – How we choose to collect and analyze data.
  • Reporting – How we choose to communicate information.

What Do We Assess?

Through the Edify,  teachers strive to provide the opportunity for students to construct meaning primarily through structured inquiry. This is accomplished by emphasizing the connections between subject-specific knowledge and itprovides a focus for inquiry, while literacy and numeracy provide the tools.

Feedback should be given on student progress and performance in each of these areas.

Additionally, feedback should be provided on the attributes listed in the 3C Profile:

This profile serves to increase the student’s awarenessof, and sensitivity to, the experiences of others beyond the local or national community, thus promoting an understanding that there is a commonality of human experience.

At Edify School, we assess performance and progress in all  Inquiry and in addition stand alone skills that may be taught in Physical Education, the Arts,

Language, Mathematics, and the 3C Profile.

We also continue to incorporate student attitudes and attributes to everyday learning.


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