Parent FAQ :
1. What is the meaning of the word Edify?
A. To Educate Intellectually, Spiritually, Morally
2. What does the Edify School Logo stand for?
A. The Pencil, a child’s first formal tool of learning is used in the logo
3. How many K-12 schools does MDN Edify Education Pvt. Ltd. have across India?
A. 25 plus
4. Is Edify School a brand name or company name or School Name?
A. Edify School is a School Name and Brand Name
5. How is MDN Edify Education associated with Edify School?
A. Edify School is Franchise module of MDN Edify Education
6. How many Edify Kids, Edify School and MDN Future School we have across India?
A. 125 Edify Kids, 17 Edify School and 8 MDN Future School
7. What roles do the promoters play in Edify School?
A. Promoter is the owner and decision maker of Edify School
8. Is it a recognized school?
A. Yes
9. What is full capacity of Edify School and why is it so.
A. Total capacity is 1640, in each class we accommodate only 30 students in grade 1 to 12,and 25in Kindergarten, and max 4 sections
10. What is the vision of Edify School?
A. Our vision is to foster a society of individuals capable of progressive thinking, creating and initiating positive change in the social, economic and cultural fabric; to impact the global community through knowledge, understanding and attitude.
11. What support does MDN Edify Education provide to Edify School?
A. Guidance & Training from scratch
12. How many sports can a child choose?
A. 1
13. Do we have sports classes’ every day?
A. Yes
14. What Hobby facility do you provide in your school?
A. To be provided by each participant
15. How many hobbies can a child choose?
A. 1
16. Do we have hobby class’s everyday?
A. No – Only twice a week.
17. What IT facilities do we have?
A. IT labs, Edi click Software, Multimedia Content, Smart board, Robotics, Language labs, Wi-Fi enabled campus
18. How do you explain “Online Student Performance Tracking”?
A. All the progress report cards are available online can be viewed through Edi click Software.
19. Do our classes have computers and internet?
A. Yes
20. What IT tools do we use in classrooms?
A. Interactive Board, Projector, Laptops


Testimonials :
Hello Madam,

We have drafted below paragraph. We will send photograph with Varun tomorrow. We have three of our children studying in EDIFY. Son(Varun) is in 8th grade and daughters(Shalini and Sakshi) are in 2nd and 1st grade respectively. What impresses us the most is the children like the school very much. Every morning they are all very excited to go to school. They feel very proud to be part of the school and enjoy each day in the school. The school puts enough importance to each child and make sure that each one is special. Academics and extra-curricular are evenly balanced where a student is encouraged to take up sports of his choice. Coaches encourage children to take up sports where natural ability of the children lies and take deep interest in developing them to be an asset in their personality. istration team, good infrastructure, ample sports, health & hygiene focus, and sufficient parent-teacher interaction, makes this a much better school than most of the other schools around. We have lived abroad the past 12 years, while both our children have been born and brought up there. After a lot of research, we had to pick from a pool of 6 schools and we chose EDIFY. EDIFY is certainly in tune and in sync with today’s changing and growing es. We couldn’t be happier!

Surekha and Shiv Akumala

(Parents of Abhinav Akumala II D)

Dear Administrator,

I Nooruddin Hirani, and my wife, Minaz Hirani, Thank you, for giving us the opportunity to convey our thoughts. It gives us immense pleasure to share with you, how choosing the right institute for our son, is helping in bringing the best out of him. It was really hard to make a decision in choosing the right school for him, as Naail is our only son it was really challenging decision. The place where we are located has many reputed schools .And the travelling distance (40 mins appr) either ways, was the biggest worrying factor for us, since, as a kid after being in school for such a long day, will he be able to keep up good health and finish his work properly. But, after 2 years, we are very much convinced that we have not only chosen the right institute but also the best one for our kid. With our personal experience we can surely say that, Our School is one of the finest facility for our child. Besides academic, a wide verity of activities are available with in the premises. We are very proud to provide such a wonderful institute for our child, which, not only concentrate on studies, but also facilitate with extra curricular activities which helps him in growing actively both physically and mentally. While sending our son to school every morning, we eagerly wait for him to return home and share with us about the new things he learned at school.In his first year I was shocked to see my son singing the national anthem, saying shlokas and poetry in telugu(even i can’t speak and understand telugu ).To me it is really shocking to see my four year old son can do what i can’t. We are very much pleased, when we see overall development in our child. We have also noticed that our son is not only developing in sports and academics, but also developing as a responsible and creative child. Our School is not only helping our son to achieve academic success but also its preparing him with ethical values.

Just to shed light on few of the highlights,that we like

1) Well qualified staff

2) World class infrastructure

3) International quality of education

4) Good quality of transportation

5) Developing ethical values

6) Home PTM

7) Taking good care of all the students

To conclude in a few words, we are very much satisfied with the development and progress of our child, we can rest assure that our son is in good hands. We would like to thank you,and all the members of Our School for making this journey so much satisfying.

With regards,

Mr. Hari Kumar & Mrs ASHA

(parents of Ria Erramilli)

EDIFY is a school or should we say a home away from home wherein the kids feel comfortable as at home and the parents feel that the kids are as safe as they are at home.The schools concept Strive to Surpass stands good as the school is continuously working towards the overall growth of the students who are going to be the future of our country. The IB program provided by the school is truly of international standards as the teachers here follow the international method of teaching which is easily understandable for the children and is very important in the current fast paced life. Apart from a very large campus the school has a big swimming pool and a skating rink wherein the children are well trained by professionals. The other activities include yoga, swimming, skating, gymnastics, chess and basketball, special rooms for art and craft activities and music and dance classes which altogether make up for the overall growth and development of the children both physically and mentally.The cafeteria at the school is also very good as it provides healthy and nutritious food for children and maintains cleanliness at all times. Overall the school is the best in twin cities as it not only maintains high standards in academics and extracurricular activities, it is also located wonderfully in a pollution free environment not so far off from the city. At EDIFY each child is specially taken care of either by the staff inside the campus or by the security while boarding the buses.The transport facility is quite safe and convenient for both kids and parents. Apart from everything the teachers here inculcate in children true values which will motivate them to become better individuals in future. I have seen my son learn many such good values and am excited about his future.

Thanks & Regards,

Vineela Guduru

Mother of Adip Krishna Guduru

EDIFY, Grade 1D.

We hari kumar (post graduate in management) and Asha (post graduate in management) are the proud parents of ria erramilli of vth grade in Our School.we are very happy to see ria placed in Edify, as it has helped her to develop into a self confident and a holistic child. ria has done her primary education of three years in ireland in ‘scoil muirgan small ’.while shifting to india after a lot research through friends and internet ,we contacted mrs.mary ,who provided us with all required information as we were in different country.today we are happy that we have made a wise decision as Edify is the platform where talents and skills are nurtured.

Mr. Hari Kumar & Mrs ASHA

(parents of Ria Erramilli)


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