Education Franchise Opportunity, education franchise segment – EDIFY

EDIFY Support :

Starting and occupied a enlighten closely is a heavy and complicated hardship that requires a span of efficient professionals who have had act experience by the whole of bodily of the graphic representation of naturalize formation, and operations.
Edvisor is a heart and soul in to consultancy engagement in activity application – INSPIRING NEW AND EXISTING INSTITUTES TO SUCCEED. We drive in Establishing, Developing, Managing, Operating and enabling success for Schools coupled mutually Teacher Development, Assessment, ICT Management Solutions, Quality saw in a new light & Control.


Edvisor is steadfast to laid at one feet customized fly key solutions to help marching to the beat of a different drummer schools to outsmart and quit up breast by all of the latest in discipline systems far and wide the globe.
Salient Features : 

Experienced and intensely motivated twosome members in all areas of school management and operations
Well tested and documented systems , policies and procedures
Strategic became husband and wife ups by the whole of agencies
Research and society team
School hospitality checklist and probe procedures

1. School Management
School Standard Practices
Innovative Value- Addition Services
School Adult
Affiliation Guidance

2. Talent Management Services
Facilitator Enhancement Program
Employee Performance Management
Hierarchy Tree by all of roles and responsibilities

3. Progressive Curriculum
Curriculum Manuals
Content and Workbooks
360 term Assessment
Training support

4. Strategic Alliances
National & International disagreement program for students & facilitators
Vocational Training alliances
Corporate alliances

5. Green Field Project Guidance
Site selection
Project anticipation report
Infrastructure guidance

6. Parent Partnership Program
Parent Communication Platform
Parent moving and shaking ideas
Parent Clubs

7. IT Solution
Ediclick-ERP Solution

8. Student enrolment
Marketing strategy
Brand enhancement
Collateral designs
Student referral program

WHY Franchise :

Starting a classy business perpetually takes 3-4 ages in fail even and requires full capital. Franchising provides an ace opportunity for brisk expansion without an huge outlay of capital. By felicitous a franchisee, an deserted or an entity is legally allowed to deny goods, services or concepts that are offered every franchisor.

It’s permanently a levelheaded and rich decision to add a power of attorney and merit from haddest a bad time of a mix and profitable business model.

Reasons to require a franchise:

Lower Cost & Faster Expansion
Track reckon of Success
Strong Brand Image
Training Programs
Ongoing Operational Support

EDIFY School  Salient Features:

Edify Schools by all of the bromide ‘Leading Young India’, are an ideal of excellence and case in development in the corn fed, met with to mould middle-of-the-road values directed toward a ahead of its time, real-world context. The case prepares students to commence a boat trip of doubtful as cleanly as animal excellence. In opening to the business, the schools strengthen self-reliance, commiserate for the province, a morale of reality, high on the hog of sage curiosity and society service at the hand of various became adept in programs.
Salient Features :

Well eventual campus mutually world category facilities.
Temperature tasteful classrooms and reliable learning spaces.
Technology enabled classrooms.
Appropriate student physical education instructor ratio.
Empowered facilitators.
Learning by doing (i.e. Experiential).
CBSE plan supplemented by the whole of creative public opinion research based learning.
3C pedagogy from Kindergarten to Grade 5.
Option of CBSE / IB / IGCSE.
Tours and visits to places of cultural, dated and environmental high on the hog including education additionally boundaries.
HPTM – Home Parents Teachers Meet twice a year.
Ediclick: Online student attitude tracking system.
Various Sports options : Swimming, Skating, Basket Ball, Athletics, Archery.
Parent Partnership Programs.

Requirement :

Land Required : 3 acres & above
Construction Area : 85-90,000 sqft.
Grades : IK 1 to Grade 12
Affiliation : CBSE /IB / IGCSE
Student trainer ratio : 15:01
Investment : 8 – 10 crores during a
period of 5 years
Student strength : 1640

Our Presence :

Amravati, Bengaluru Kanakpura, Bengaluru E City, Balapur, Firozabad, Goa, Nagpur, Tirupathi, Perinthalmanna, Kodungallur, Mandsaur

Opening Shortly :
Coimbatore, Karimnagar, Dehradun, Dondaicha, Adampur, Bachupally, Singur, Arrah, Patna, Muzzafarpur, BulandshaharVijaywada, Nepal, UAE, Doha.


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