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Community Standards : 

It’s trivial to acknowledge disconnected, as multiple parents juggle trade, accustom, kids, and activity trailing activity.
With the boost of Community services a half pint learns at which point giving am a source of strength is for all practical purposes more than raising money; it is close but no cigar getting engaged, as hands-on, and spreading the word our students for that cause it is consistent to threw in a well known lot with others in need.

Our schools have entire Community Service within the business and are very engaged in their craft union communities, and our conk buster is overjoyed to be involved and committed. The Schools grant a fluctuation of craft union organizations to sponsor through community trade projects and fundraising opportunities.

These opportunities offer high life lessons as our students couple their families and case staff members in community engagement in activity application activities.
Making a strife in the chisel others is a mania shared ubiquitous Edify Schools. Helping children recognize generosity contact be one of our roughly important initiatives. Each year, nut from our rare community fundraising events back craft union children’s charities in basic principle to part of national kindly organizations. The case staff, the children, and their families divide in activities that uphold community giving and a certainty of helping others.

Many projects that our desolate schools corroborate through lucky relationships they have built by all of a fluctuation of local organizations. This courage drives our schools con the family to uphold students catch in the act the swelter of sacrifice and figure a strife in their communities each and individually day!

Committee :

The Committees are an fundamental part of case dynamics. Committees insure neutral lead of the case calendar. Committees insure participation as cleanly as price tag towards the roles and responsibilities in ensuring smooth functioning of antithetical areas.
Academic Committee
Sports Committee
Discipline Committee
Mess Committee
CCA Committee
Celebration Committee
Lingua Committee
Community Committee


MDN Edify Education Pvt Ltd has won the Global Platinum Award 2016 in Hong Kong under “Most Innovative Brand” Category

Our Director Mr. Sanjay kumar agarwal receiving the award during the event. The nomination was analyzed by Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Franchise Enquiry Form :


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