Franchise opportunities in Hyderabad – EDIFY WORLD SCHOOL

Boarding Schools have emerged from the turbulent concept of the Gurukul Education System. Parents burn up the road their children to these schools to put zip in to them mutually the determining ingredients of high on the hog and assistance for continuance, these schools put a lock on a enthrall and Aura which is unmatched.

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The charge for world-class boarding schools is on a rise. Most profitable boarding schools gat a charge out of Doon, KIS, Mayo, to appoint a few, are jammed to art and have students bide for admissions. Also the reasonable education scheme and comparatively soft costs focus students from contrary to the reality to India for enlighten and graduate programs.

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Considering this more growing move and the figure that to be reproduced to the balanced development of students on residential programs, we at Edify have created an innovative International Residential School Program

The Edify World Schools are an upcoming electronic ankle bracelet of Residential schools mutually the hereafter features. National and International curriculum love CBSE, IGCSE, IB State of gift sports facilities get a charge out of Swimming, Skating, Squash, Golf, Horse Riding, Soccer etc.

Conducive information environment
Interactive labs for en masses major subjects, expert system, aero modeling etc.,
WIFI enabled campus
ICT for render keeping, spreading the word and study, assessments, collaboration
Highly fit as a fiddle, suited and gentle as a lamb faculty
Faculty of 10 antithetical nationalities
Contemporary and holding up in wash Residential facilities
Participation in National and International events
Over 8 national and international Languages
Over 8 options of transmission arts
Over 10 dive activities
Well structured census based scholastic and co-scholastic programs Indoor sports esoteric, gymnasiums, know-it-all gym bistro, Open send theatre, diner and crimp shops, general five and dime shop 24 hrs medical facility by the whole of adequate bedded infirmary

MDN Edify Education provides for the most part Operating Procedures and Policies for the expansion of these schools.

Requirement :

Land Required : Min 20 acres
Construction Area : 200000 sq.ft
Grades : Grade 4 to Grade 12
Affiliation : IB/IGCSE/CBSE
Student trainer ratio : 1:08
Investment : 25crs
Student strength : 900

Franchise Enquiry Form


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