Higher Education Franchise Opportunity – EDIFY SCHOOL


Edify School to a tee believes that the teacher’s way of life in the student’s period is not contingent to the perimeter of the classroom. Twice a year teachers haddest a kind chat students’ residences to gain a counter for their milieu and urban background. This helps them in bond by all of the children and their families and helps in their interactions by the whole of the children. At Edify School students predict their teachers as friends sooner and previously as study facilitators. This ensures a encourage and friendly environment to what place students are at ease.

Parent physical education instructor meetings are held atleast thrice a year everywhere the teachers explain how the students plow and act in the section & parents give their perspective. The meetings are well prospective and provide cup runs over with time for teachers to interact by the whole of every child bearer individually.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. What is the meaning of the word Edify?
A. To Educate Intellectually, Spiritually, Morally
2. What does the Edify School Logo stand for?
A. The Pencil, a child’s first formal tool of learning is used in the logo
3. How many K-12 schools does MDN Edify Education Pvt. Ltd. have across India?
A. 25 plus
4. Is Edify School a brand name or company name or School Name?
A. Edify School is a School Name and Brand Name
5. How is MDN Edify Education associated with Edify School?
A. Edify School is Franchise module of MDN Edify Education
6. How many Edify Kids, Edify School and MDN Future School we have across India?
A. 125 Edify Kids, 17 Edify School and 8 MDN Future School
7. What roles do the promoters play in Edify School?
A. Promoter is the owner and decision maker of Edify School
8. Is it a recognized school?
A. Yes
9. What is full capacity of Edify School and why is it so.
A. Total capacity is 1640, in each class we accommodate only 30 students in grade 1 to 12,and 25in Kindergarten, and max 4 sections
10. What is the vision of Edify School?
A. Our vision is to foster a society of individuals capable of progressive thinking, creating and initiating positive change in the social, economic and cultural fabric; to impact the global community through knowledge, understanding and attitude.
11. What support does MDN Edify Education provide to Edify School?
A. Guidance & Training from scratch
12. How many sports can a child choose?
A. 1
13. Do we have sports classes’ every day?
A. Yes
14. What Hobby facility do you provide in your school?
A. To be provided by each participant
15. How many hobbies can a child choose?
A. 1
16. Do we have hobby class’s everyday?
A. No – Only twice a week.
17. What IT facilities do we have?
A. IT labs, Edi click Software, Multimedia Content, Smart board, Robotics, Language labs, Wi-Fi enabled campus
18. How do you explain “Online Student Performance Tracking”?
A. All the progress report cards are available online can be viewed through Edi click Software.
19. Do our classes have computers and internet?
A. Yes
20. What IT tools do we use in classrooms?
A. Interactive Board, Projector, Laptops


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