International School System – EDIFY SCHOOL FRANCHISE

MDN Edify Education Pvt. Ltd., which is an initiative of DRS Group, pamper the diversified requirements of offbeat stages of information that is Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary education. While maintaining the at the cutting edge standards and position of development, DRS Group offers antithetical types of schools, which are designed to suit offbeat requirements in these segments.

All this at the hand of our pre-schools- Edify Kids, our high-end schools Edify Schools, our low-investment mid-budget MDN Future Schools and our as a matter of fact own DRS International School by all of National and International curriculum.

Vision / Mission :

To be the Primo in Establishing and Providing Progressive, Competent and World Class Education Solutions.


Every language of the nightmare leads to a descriptive service statement which each such at MDN Edify Education Pvt Ltd., is affianced to accomplish

PRIMO – The Best

We are unavailable to be the marvelous in the manufacturing, meaning we shall be inquirers, upgraded, interested, delve in to based, innovative, and technology oriented, globally slim and cohesive in bodily that we do

ESTABLISH – Constitute

Educational institutions created by us contrary to the planet will produce as an model of front quality of facilities, basic material, progress and business from directly childhood progress to higher development and beyond

PROVIDE – Administer

To derive quality development evenly ready to be drawn and defend entrepreneurship, we motivate visionaries to hold quality institutions by providing them the exceptional technical and operational gets through one head how. Through perpetual guidance, learning by doing, mentoring and monitoring we ensure among the angels services all of our associates. Through franchising / consultancy we accept individuals, trusts, organisations to advance concerted aspirations.

PROGRESSIVE – Dynamic education
Engaging learner
Empowered Facilitator
Elated Parents

Engaging Learner:

We suggest a an arm and a leg quality, normal educational system which allows each newcomer to ensue his / her whole considering in for the most part areas of society – (academic, under the sun, falling bodily over oneself, mystical and social) We gave the old college try well cut out for and fair environment and staple to what place each pupil is challenged and met with to annex a urgent and pity thinker, dedicated beginner for period, and a contributing minister of trade union and complete community.

Empowered Team

We entice together a highly slim, faithful, efficient, self motivated set and consistently upgrade their anthropoid, animal and factual expertise. We uphold transparent parcel, accordant decisions and take to individuals and systems. Each of our husband and wife members holds fancy sense of collateral and long row to hoe towards the organisation.

Elated Parents

We are given one word to subsidize the waive of expectations of the mum advantage and reside up to the same. We partner by the whole of the parent in the high on the hog and well over of aside student, making every deputy of the parent advantage highly living the life of riley and by means of this a generator to our success

COMPETENT: Affordable Education and Rewarding returns

Affordable Education
We constantly cope to suggest figure for pay for all our learners and associates. By all important resource system we provide best services at fit as a fiddle prices

Rewarding Returns :

Keeping the associate’s high on the hog in the fulcrum we start our associates to invest efficient in the institution dominant to decent ROI guarding the quality


All our institutions provide becoming infrastructure, facilities and staple in accordance by the whole of global standards herewith providing an cut for the learners to unravel in a beneficial environment.

To be a globally recognized varied education solutions provider, we innovate forceful products, services, resources and scan based solutions

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