Physical Education Program At Edify

Exercise is as associated with the body in its present condition knowledge to the mind. Physical education contributes not only to fitness but also to efficiency, mental alertness and character-building qualities for example perseverance, camaraderie, leadership, sportsmanship, competitiveness and respect for rules.

The reason for underline students taking up sports is entire will accelerate well rounded education for the students. Edify Schools offer facilities for Tennis, Cricket, Basketball, Swimming, Roller Skating, Yoga, Karate, Badminton, Football, Hockey and Adventure Sports. The Sports departments comprise of National and State level coaches who participate to identify individual sporting talents of students in various disciplines and then impart professional, scientific training to students.


Hobbies are a way of gaining new knowledge and a means for emotional and artistic outlet. Hobbies keep the minds and hands of children active. Through participation in various creative arts, performance arts and arts and crafts the students of Edify Schools grow aesthetically sensitive, imaginative, creative and also shine their communications skills.

The Committees are an integral either school dynamics. Committees ensure smooth conduct of the school calendar. Committees ensure participation still commitment towards the roles and responsibilities in ensuring smooth functioning of different areas.

Academic Committee
Sports Committee
Discipline Committee
Mess Committee
CCA Committee
Celebration Committee
Lingua Committee
Community Committee

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