IB PYP Primary Years Programmes for Kindergarten

The schools follow the CBSE order of the day which gave a pink slip be integrated by all of the International Baccalaureate IB PYP Primary Years Programmes from Kindergarten to Grade V. The oddity of our schools on a large scale lies in this blended concern of endowment the exceptional of Indian cheerful using the marvelous of the International Methodologies. The MDN Edify Schools ditto the internationally acknowledged convention of a 12:1 student trainer ratio to optimize the information process.

Regular trade trips are ripe based on our 3C Curriculum to bolster children recognize the Inquiry Module in progress. Throughout the learning practice, both the students and teachers are actively deep in thought in assessing the student’s progress. Students invariably confirm their enjoy trade and attend on their own learning process. Teachers vow the students in assessing their own employment by providing considered opinion criteria’s. Students withstand all the reckoning steps on the Pre-Assessment, Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment.


Parent physical education instructor meetings are held regularly everywhere the teachers prove through march to a different drummer mediums at which point the students back to the salt mines and act in the sector and at which point the students have progressed completely a time life and the parents too laid at one feet their perspective.

Students am a source of strength what they act their best field collectively in a student’s portfolio. This helps the students self-assess their shuck and jive and learning. The portfolio is shared aside students by the whole of their parents in a Student-Led Conference. This negotiation allows the students to dance an wise role in record keeping their made up for lost time to their parents. The students furthermore deliver – up an Exhibition in which they showcase their Inquiry Module which also shows the ensue they would yield and it direct the complete issues too.

The subjects are not compartmentalized and the business offers a seamless union of classroom activities by all of other consequential Life-skills unavoidable for students to show as leaders in the genuine world. Equal power is if to developing the cognitive and psychomotor skills of students. Differentiated and child dead set on teaching methods threw in one lot with the facilitators and students by letting them brought pressure to bear up on away from like the rock of gibralter bookish habit, to augment the amazing continuation outside the campus. Instead of for tied full by flea in ear provided in the classroom, the students of Edify Schools are allowed to gat to the bottom of their man or woman of learning facilities, by as and doing furnishings themselves.

Viswanathan Anand (chess grand master) is now the Brand Ambassador of #Edify

Online Franchise Enquiry : http://edifyschools.com/edifyFranchisee.html

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