Highly profitable franchisee business opportunity : Edify

The vision behind introducing the e-classroom in Edify Schools, was to help educators learn about the latest technology and how it can be integrated and applied as a powerful learning tool in the curriculum. E-classrooms were created and designed for students and facilitators to attain these technological skills.

News Covered in Andhra Jyothi News Paper about Viswanathan Anand :

paper ad 29-01 001.jpg

By integrating technology in the classroom, facilitators are able to teach their students as to how to use 21st century technological skills now and in the future. The e-classrooms at Edify has partnered with ‘Edurite’ to provide resources specially designed to enhance the research skills of the students. We at Edify Schools believe in learning beyond the books and cater to the changing dynamics of knowledge through the power tool called technology.

News Covered in Times of India Paper About Viswanathan Anand as he is the Brand Ambassador of Edify :

paper ad 29-01 003.jpg

paper ad 29-01 002.jpg

As Viswanathan Anand is the Brand Ambassador of edify, he has been to the Drs group where media has covered entire news about the Vishy as he has some thoughts over the school.

                                        Edify School TV Commercial Advertisement


Online Enquiry Form : http://edifyschools.com/edifyFranchisee.html

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