Learning Program at edify !

The pedagogical practice is the life of a classroom and retains student interest in the environment and learning process.

Inquiry, as the leading pedagogical approach in the classroom, is recognized as allowing students to be actively involved in their own learning and to take responsibility for that learning. Inquiry allows each student’s understanding of the world to develop in a manner and at a rate that is unique to that student. It is recognized that there is a role for drill and practice in the classroom. Yet it is felt that teaching to the fullest extent possible about central ideas, that are concept based, leads to the most substantial and enduring learning.


An amalgamation of:

  • Indian Ancient Gurukul approach of practical and application based learning (Transdiciplinary)
  • Kath Murdoch – Inquiry Cycle to encourage student curiosity, questioning and research
  • Howard Garner – Multiple Intelligence development to facilitate learning and feedback using customized child friendly strategies from Jigsaw, Musicals, Think Pair and Share, Flow Charts, Audio/Video Resources/ Using Manipulatives, Models etc.,
  • Blooms Taxonomy – Empowering children to think critically, analytically and create solutions and new knowledge leads them to higher order thinking skills
  • Roger Harts – Student driven learning with absolute participation and decision making by students in consensus with adults
  • Lynn Erickson – Swimming into the depth of every concept and viewing through multiple lens develops conceptual understanding thus reducing the need to memorise
  • Montessori – ‘Learning by Doing ‘and Developing everyday practical life skills make our students perfectionists
  • Milestone Development – Promoting Self Management, Interpersonal and financial Management Skills makes our children ready to face any situation and real life scenarios from cooking for themselves to operating bank accounts, from setting leaking pipes right to changing flat tyre.
  • Character and Competence – developing essential skills and attitudes to make our learner think, speak and act ethically and intellectually

3C thus is an integrated progressive program focusing on holistic learning and development celebrating the inherent curiosity of the child to enhance knowledge, character, competence, Concept, content thus leading to a positive responsible action

Online Franchise Enquiry Form : https://bit.ly/2GsbS8I

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