Explore The Top School Franchise Opportunities In India-EDIFY SCHOOL

Edify Schools with the motto ‘Leading Young India’, are an epitome of excellence and quality in education in the country, known to mould traditional values into a contemporary, real-world context.


Salient Features

  • Well planned campus with world class facilities.
  • Temperature controlled classrooms and safe learning spaces.
  • Technology enabled classrooms.
  • Appropriate student teacher ratio.
  • Empowered facilitators.
  • Learning by doing (i.e. Experiential).
  • CBSE syllabus supplemented with creative inquiry based learning.
  • 3C pedagogy from Kindergarten to Grade 5.
  • Option of CBSE / IB / IGCSE.
  • Tours and visits to places of cultural, historical and environmental interest including education beyond boundaries.
  • HPTM – Home Parents Teachers Meet twice a year.
  • Ediclick: Online student performance tracking system.
  • Various Sports options : Swimming, Skating, Basket Ball, Athletics, Archery.
  • Parent Partnership Programs.


Land Required : 3 acres & above
Construction Area : 85-90,000 sqft.
Grades : IK 1 to Grade 12
Affiliation : CBSE /IB / IGCSE
Student teacher ratio : 15:01
Investment : 8 – 10 crores over a
period of 5 years
Student strength : 1640

How To Start The Best School Franchise In India?

High School Franchise - edifyschool
Best education in this world.

Best School Franchise become a own business to grow up.

Who are tired of working for the man or women they can now start their own business. Edify school franchises are growing in popular and being private employee me I can only say that I am pleased to see this new business in my life this is the fast coming sector doing well build my business as soon. My best advice is you want to start your own business is that’s good now this is the time to open a school for all my friends however, for take ownership management for their future this may help you the way to go. The opportunities and rewards within time. This means that the edify education has a part of India’s fastest growing school chain is relatively good according to business and current trends.

I first heard of this growth business whilst having lunch with a friend who had just completed five years of working within Edify schools school franchise in India. That School has developed their infrastructure for upcoming institute and was happy to speak at length experience. Started the same track as me to do open a schools, being able to successfully the future of the franchise operations in India before job why i not at get this idea in my mind also now right select good line to success of things. He seemed to well with an air of confidence and humility.

Feeling enthusiastic and encouraged by my friend’s positive research on the Internet. I was surprised to find just how many Edify schools school franchise opportunities there are these days. Some of the names that were easy to find were; Smith’s School of Edify schools (loads of positive testimonials as well as negative comments on this firm), schools rank fairly high at the top. That just goes to show wants in on the action.

During my research I did manage school franchise system in general. In addition to that, on maintaining negative blogs and even entire web sites devoted to debunking just about every Edify schools school in existence. This leads me to worry a little about the again I guess that is just a part of any business these for these disgruntled few to say a whole lot. Then again, who are select few people who are looking to within the Edify schools IB school franchise system. Before you can start a profit, you have to establish a targeting and success of ICSE, CBSE schools in the MDN Education society. nurturing needed to really bring your school top level k-12 schools franchise chose for you. Knowing exactly gain the lifestyle of student’s competition world that doesn’t interest you in K12 go to the cbse schools or icse schools this are the best school franchise in India.

When I went looking for a balance to all the negativity. I was able to dig where we go and get franchise for me here MDN Education provided me lot of information being private school franchise with business opportunities more lucrative should you wisely follow it. Build your own Play School Brand. Low Investment & High Returns they have national wide network in our country included all well options for students some like as secondary school franchise, High school franchise, and Top school franchise in India

Want To Start Your Own Business? Offering school franchise opportunities, Delhi pre nursery play school franchise,

Buying a school best franchise business opportunities the documents you require and the k-12 school will be running efficiently and smoothly before you get there.

I am currently going towards the opening of a third school couple of days within the next month,

I wake up every morning with a positive attitude and look forward to going to work as an Edify schools teacher and Franchise owner. Everybody dreams about having what are you waiting for?

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