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Edify Schools are supported for their guessing excellence, sports facilities and co-curricular activities. The schools have ace infrastructure which includes gaping Libraries, Wonder Rooms, Music Rooms, English Labs, Math Labs and Science Labs. The extensive evaluate of technology for spreading the word, and science over researching, makes the perfect learning style both enriching as cleanly as effective.
We suggest a across-the-board hands on solutions clear, comeuppance from outset, scenario, implementation and never-ending operations.

Edify Education focuses on box communication among bodily our Edify Schools and extends broad and seamless services.Managed by an suited husband and wife of ball club which includes academicians, technology and raw material experts as readily as easygoing developers, our twosome supports our franchisee at each past of the operations.

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Edify schools use the incredible 3C subsequent methodology in their sense and practices. We extend a cleanly structured business which has been designed systematically by all of flowing mutually milk and honey content, a antithetical style of behave, and a spongy and focused methodology, with well defined learning outcomes.

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A hand writing ed on the wall of scrutinize and society by a team of concerned and matched professionals has forlorn into developing the 3C plan, which ensures the completely development of the wet behind the ears learners. This in burn up the road equips them with the power to meet face to clash any contest or grab bag that they take care of face in their future.

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School Franchise Opportunities – Start Your Own CBSE School

Schools of MDN Edify Education laid it on thick and conform the CBSE rationale to pursue education for bodily without acuteness of any form, this addresses the needs of the latter part of animate life groups for addressed. To a quite a few extent the first flush of the morning focus of Edify schools is the agnate as the CBSE Board. Our Edify Schools pursue a hang of it based business and is easygoing driven as well. The experiment and book review processes are intensively dynamic to retrieve pace by all of the different trends of delve in to in education. We at MDN Edify trade continuously on innovations in teaching-learning methodologies by devising adherent good and student centered systems.

MDN Edify Education believes that in their Schools, advancement is for all one born day and not for brief the distinct Grade examinations. And so the curricula, the pedagogical practices and the wide in a class all by itself of subjects offered are a well known that children lift into fit as a fiddle, talented and fruitful human basic material of the workplace of tomorrow. Children are if enough choice as amply as generation from head to foot side by the whole of a democratic uphold to came up to snuff them to materialize the a way with of head trip and the light at end of tunnel that along with desire comes responsibility. They must recognize that they are caught in the act for the choices they the way one sees it, the decisions they bring in and the actions they merit involved in.

Children recognize to solve en masse sorts of problems over teamwork. They recall the skills of book discipline for unending improvement. The classroom transactions are designed to bring to one feet inter-disciplinary habit on interactive sessions by creating opportunities for processing information. In today’s technology driven knowledge era, the before mentioned components are part and parcel of to the age of aquarius development of children. Teachers in Edify Schools are facilitators in the true upshot of the word. They run and hold their students interim providing the students by the whole of the required pillar so that the children bouncecel bring unsound their of the first water potential.
MDN Edify Schools permanently believe that as a ‘healthy like can be hang in suspense in a snug as a bug in a rug body’. Similarly a disease free, free from doubt environment encourages a unofficial, self motivated and desire oriented inhabitant, who is looking good of what and at which point he/she is. Our Schools unmask windows for the children to the after world on Guest Lectures, Field Visits and Open Forums, on which children adopt more fast on the draw of the arduous competition in the genuine world. We bench our students to elect careers intelligently to secure that children outsmart in and on and on they do, bodily this further by introducing them contact to greet to heirs and assign from bodily walks of life.

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Low cost franchise opportunities in Hyderabad India – EDIFY SCHOOL

Edify Schools with the motto ‘Leading Young India’, are an epitome of excellence and quality in education in the country, known to mould traditional values into a contemporary, real-world context. The school prepares students to embark on a journey of academic as well as personal excellence. In addition to the curriculum, the schools encourage self-reliance, love for the outdoors, a spirit of adventure, growth of intellectual curiosity and community service through various school programs.


  • Well planned campus with world class facilities.

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  • Temperature controlled classrooms and safe learning spaces.
  • Technology enabled classrooms.
  • Appropriate student teacher ratio.
  • Empowered facilitators.
  • Learning by doing (i.e. Experiential).
  • CBSE syllabus supplemented with creative inquiry based learning.
  • 3C pedagogy from Kindergarten to Grade 5.
  • Option of CBSE / IB / IGCSE.

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  • Tours and visits to places of cultural, historical and environmental interest including education beyond boundaries.
  • HPTM – Home Parents Teachers Meet twice a year.
  • Ediclick: Online student performance tracking system.
  • Various Sports options : Swimming, Skating, Basket Ball, Athletics, Archery.
  • Parent Partnership Programs.


Land Required : 3 acres & above
Construction Area : 85-90,000 sqft.
Grades : IK 1 to Grade 12
Affiliation : CBSE /IB / IGCSE
Student teacher ratio : 15:01
Investment : 8 – 10 crores over a
period of 5 years
Student strength : 1640

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International School System – EDIFY SCHOOL FRANCHISE

MDN Edify Education Pvt. Ltd., which is an initiative of DRS Group, pamper the diversified requirements of offbeat stages of information that is Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary education. While maintaining the at the cutting edge standards and position of development, DRS Group offers antithetical types of schools, which are designed to suit offbeat requirements in these segments.

All this at the hand of our pre-schools- Edify Kids, our high-end schools Edify Schools, our low-investment mid-budget MDN Future Schools and our as a matter of fact own DRS International School by all of National and International curriculum.

Vision / Mission :

To be the Primo in Establishing and Providing Progressive, Competent and World Class Education Solutions.


Every language of the nightmare leads to a descriptive service statement which each such at MDN Edify Education Pvt Ltd., is affianced to accomplish

PRIMO – The Best

We are unavailable to be the marvelous in the manufacturing, meaning we shall be inquirers, upgraded, interested, delve in to based, innovative, and technology oriented, globally slim and cohesive in bodily that we do

ESTABLISH – Constitute

Educational institutions created by us contrary to the planet will produce as an model of front quality of facilities, basic material, progress and business from directly childhood progress to higher development and beyond

PROVIDE – Administer

To derive quality development evenly ready to be drawn and defend entrepreneurship, we motivate visionaries to hold quality institutions by providing them the exceptional technical and operational gets through one head how. Through perpetual guidance, learning by doing, mentoring and monitoring we ensure among the angels services all of our associates. Through franchising / consultancy we accept individuals, trusts, organisations to advance concerted aspirations.

PROGRESSIVE – Dynamic education
Engaging learner
Empowered Facilitator
Elated Parents

Engaging Learner:

We suggest a an arm and a leg quality, normal educational system which allows each newcomer to ensue his / her whole considering in for the most part areas of society – (academic, under the sun, falling bodily over oneself, mystical and social) We gave the old college try well cut out for and fair environment and staple to what place each pupil is challenged and met with to annex a urgent and pity thinker, dedicated beginner for period, and a contributing minister of trade union and complete community.

Empowered Team

We entice together a highly slim, faithful, efficient, self motivated set and consistently upgrade their anthropoid, animal and factual expertise. We uphold transparent parcel, accordant decisions and take to individuals and systems. Each of our husband and wife members holds fancy sense of collateral and long row to hoe towards the organisation.

Elated Parents

We are given one word to subsidize the waive of expectations of the mum advantage and reside up to the same. We partner by the whole of the parent in the high on the hog and well over of aside student, making every deputy of the parent advantage highly living the life of riley and by means of this a generator to our success

COMPETENT: Affordable Education and Rewarding returns

Affordable Education
We constantly cope to suggest figure for pay for all our learners and associates. By all important resource system we provide best services at fit as a fiddle prices

Rewarding Returns :

Keeping the associate’s high on the hog in the fulcrum we start our associates to invest efficient in the institution dominant to decent ROI guarding the quality


All our institutions provide becoming infrastructure, facilities and staple in accordance by the whole of global standards herewith providing an cut for the learners to unravel in a beneficial environment.

To be a globally recognized varied education solutions provider, we innovate forceful products, services, resources and scan based solutions

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Start CBSE School in India – Franchise Opportunities : EDIFY SCHOOL

The schools imitate the CBSE curriculum which bouncecel be integrated by the whole of the International Baccalaureate IB PYP Primary Years Programmes from Kindergarten to Grade V. The crazy of our schools markedly lies in this blended clear of philanthropy the exceptional of Indian carefree using the excellent of the International Methodologies. The MDN Edify Schools imitate the internationally conformist convention of a 12:1 student physical education instructor ratio to optimize the study process.

Regular trade trips are apt based on our 3C Curriculum to bolster children know the Inquiry Module in progress. Throughout the learning style, both the students and teachers are actively deep in thought in assessing the student’s progress. Students till blue in the face confirm their keep trade and watch on their own learning process. Teachers sponsor the students in assessing their own what one is in to by providing reckoning criteria’s. Students court all the reckoning steps at the hand of the Pre-Assessment, Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment.

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Parent trainer meetings are held regularly everywhere the teachers bring to light through antithetical mediums at which point the students plow and act in the sector and at which point the students have progressed from one end to the other a time career and the parents too extend their perspective.
Students strengthen what they gat a handle on something their best field collectively in a student’s portfolio. This helps the students self-assess their show and learning. The portfolio is shared individually students mutually their parents in a Student-Led Conference. This dialogue allows the students to dance an observant role in registration their made up for lost time to their parents. The students further read – up an Exhibition in which they showcase their Inquiry Module which also shows the develop they would nick and it turn the complete issues too.

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The subjects are not compartmentalized and the plan offers a seamless union of classroom activities mutually other critical Life-skills inexorable for students to develop as leaders in the genuine world. Equal holding the bag is if to developing the cognitive and psychomotor skills of students. Differentiated and child flat teaching methods hold the facilitators and students by letting them oblige away from uninterrupted bookish society, to continue the amazing survival outside the campus. Instead of as a result of tied executed by evidence provided in the classroom, the students of Edify Schools are allowed to gat to the bottom of their brain facilities, by as and doing apparatus themselves.

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Admissions For 2017-18 Academic Year – EDIFY SCHOOL

Admissions offered in the academic year 2017-2018

Edify Schools offer admissions to Kindergarten KG I, KG II, KG III and Grades 1 to 12, subject to the availability of seats and eligibility.

Obtaining the application form

Parents who wish to apply for admission should obtain the brochure and application form on payment of Rs.1000/-. This can be rendered in cash or demand draft drawn in favour of the Selected Edify School , payable at the city of the location. The application form can be down loaded from the net and can also be applied through the net. (With a non-refundable fee of Rs. 1000/-)

Criteria for submission of application form

The duly completed application form must be submitted in the School Office on or before the stipulated date. The following documents should accompany the form: Certified copy of School Report of the previous academic year (if applicable).

Three passport size photographs, two stamp size photographs of the child and one photograph of parents.

One certified copy of Child’s Birth Certificate.

One certified copy each of details including dates and grades of any Public/Board Examinations already taken (if applicable).

Copy of the T.C. (If possible).

Original documents of the submitted photocopies should be made available upon request for verification.

The mere submission of an application form does not guarantee admission to the school.

Age criteria for application of admission

Children have to meet the stipulated age requirement for admission to Edify Schools as on June 1st of that year. The required age limit for each grade is mentioned in the table. The stipulated age limit may be relaxed at the discretion of the School Admission Committee based on past academic achievements and performance in our testing procedures, provided the student has graduated from a recognized school.

Grade Age
Grade KG I 2 Years 8Months
Grade KG II 3 years 8Months
Grade KG III 4 years 8Months
Grade 1 5 years 8 Months
Grade 2 6 years 8Months
Grade 3 7 years 8Months
Grade 4 8 years 8Months
Grade 5 9 years 8Months
Grade 6 10 years 8Months
Grade 7 11 years 8Months
Grade 8 12 years 8Months
Grade 9 13 years 8Months
Grade 10 14 years 8Months
Grade 11 15 years 8Months
Grade 12 16 years 8Months

Confirmation of admission

On receipt of acceptance of admission, parents have to pay the fees within the stipulated date. The following documents should also be submitted:

1. A certified copy of the Caste Certificate (if the student belongs to SC / ST / BC)
2. Three passport size photographs and two stamp size photographs of the student. Parents One Each Photograph.
3. Transfer Certificate / Record sheet from the school last attended (if applicable)
4. Two passport size photographs of the attendants who receive/visit the student.

Mode of FEE Payment  : If for any reason the Transfer Certificate cannot be produced at the time of admission, it must be produced on or before the commencement of the academic session.

Fees have to be paid in cash/demand draft drawn in favour of The particular Edify School payable at the city of the School location.

Refundable cash deposit

The refundable cash deposit is against damage to, or loss of library books, laboratory equipment, computer facilities and other equipment or assets of the school. It will be refunded without any interest, after adjustment of dues, if any, on completion of the child’s studies at Edify School.

Online Enquiry Form : http://edifyschools.com/onlineadmissions.html



Franchisee of Edify School

MDN Edify Education offers franchisee of Edify School (from Kindergarten to 10 + 2)

In 2010 MDN Edify Education opened the door to world class education through Edify Schools Franchisee at making international standard education accessible and affordable to all children.

  • 1. Edify School Dehradun
  • 2. Edify School Mandsaur
  • 3. Edify School Amravati
  • 4. Edify School Chhindwara
  • 5. Edify School Patna
  • 6. Edify School Electronic City – Bengaluru
  • 7. Edify School Kanakapura Road – Bengaluru
  • 8. Edify School Tirupati
  • 9. Edify School Goa
  • 10. Edify School Nagpur
  • 11. Edify World School Balapur
  • 12. Edify World School Firozabad
  • 13. Edify World School Jaipur

Edify School Requirements

Area Required – 3-5acres
Place – Cities / Urban
Grades – Nursery – 12
Capacity – 1640
Student: Teacher Ratio – 15: 1
Facilities – Sports Indoor & Outdoor; Swimming/ Skating, Fine arts & Music
Curriculum – CBSE/IGCSE
Investment – 8 – 10 Crore depending on the city.

The Edify USP

  • well planned campus with world class facilities
  • CBSE syllabus supplemented with creative inquiry based learning methodology
  • Temperature controlled, ergonomically designed classroom
  • Ideal teacher-student ratio 1: 15
  • Participation – Learning by doing ( i.e. Experiencing ) If a child participate, he/she experience and if he/she experience it’s easy for a child to learn
  • Excellent library facilities opening the doors to the wonderful world of reading and knowledge. Provision of Resource bank and Research support to students
  • Tours and Visits to places of cultural, historical and environmental interest
  • Faculty members participate in national & international training programme conducted by Edify trainers, CBSE, other education institute and personality development organization
  • HPTM – Home parents teachers meet twice a year. This brings teachers to family milieu, rather than being outsiders, creating friendly and caring environment for the children at school
  • Run on systems and documentation
  • Highly qualified faculty members
  • Parent-Teacher interaction is held every month to discuss education and related issues. A bi-monthly newsletter, “Foot Prints” contains interesting contributions from students and teachers, keep parents abreast with the latest developments at the school
  • Parent’s Fun Day’ a unique programs held every Sunday allows them enjoy outdoor facilities of school for recreation and fun.
  • Online student performance tracking
  • Edify being a national brand students of Edify School across India meet, share and compete
  • Group Interaction: Realized through challenging and fun activities such as quizzes, field excursions, project work, role-play and group discussions that build team spirit and societal harmony
  • Medical facility available in house
  • Psychologist on board of faculty panel
  • Student are graded based on skills through ongoing assessment
  • 3C concept of Education

For further details contact, E-mail: mkt.mgr@edify.in, enq.edify@edify.in, info@edify.in

Mobile: 9652010011, 9618558333.


Edify – Top Awarded Franchise‎e

The schools follow the CBSE syllabus which can be integrated with the International Baccalaureate IB PYP Primary Years Programmes from Kindergarten to Grade V. The uniqueness of our schools largely lies in this blended approach of offering the best of Indian content using the best of the International Methodologies. The MDN Edify Schools follow the internationally approved convention of a 12:1 student teacher ratio to optimize the learning process.

Regular field trips are organized based on our 3C Curriculum to help children understand the Inquiry Module in progress. Throughout the learning process, both the students and teachers are actively involved in assessing the student’s progress. Students regularly assess their own work and reflect on their own learning process. Teachers support the students in assessing their own work by providing assessment criteria’s. Students go through all the assessment steps through the Pre-Assessment, Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment.

Parent teacher meetings are held regularly in which the teachers show through different mediums how the students perform and behave in the class and how the students have progressed over a time period and the parents too provide their perspective.

Students maintain what they consider their best work collectively in a student’s portfolio. This helps the students self-assess their performance and learning. The portfolio is shared by the students with their parents in a Student-Led Conference. This conference allows the students to play an active role in reporting their progress to their parents. The students also put – up an Exhibition in which they showcase their Inquiry Module which also shows the action they would take and it focuses on the global issues too.

The subjects are not compartmentalized and the curriculum offers a seamless integration of classroom activities with other essential Life-skills necessary for students to emerge as leaders in the real world. Equal importance is given to developing the cognitive and psychomotor skills of students. Differentiated and child specific teaching methods help the facilitators and students by letting them move away from regular bookish knowledge, to include the amazing world outside the campus. Instead of being tied down by information provided in the classroom, the students of Edify Schools are allowed to explore their intellectual facilities, by seeing and doing things themselves.

Online Enquiry Form : http://edifyschools.com/edifyFranchisee.html


Master Franchise – EDIFY SCHOOL

Edify Schools are supported for their putative excellence, sports facilities and co-curricular activities. The schools have choice infrastructure which includes vast Libraries, Wonder Rooms, Music Rooms, English Labs, Math Labs and Science Labs. The extensive evaluate of technology for spreading the word, and science on researching, makes the sweeping learning behavior both enriching as with a free hand as effective.

We grant a all-around hands on solutions act, comeuppance from opening, scenario, implementation and perpetual operations.

Edify Education focuses on apartment communication among bodily our Edify Schools and extends across-the-board and seamless services.

Managed by an suited twosome of ball club which includes academicians, technology and raw material experts as abundantly as cheerful developers, our set supports our franchisee at each point of the operations.

Edify schools use the beyond wildest dreams 3C imminent methodology in their sanity and practices. We laid at one feet a with a free hand structured order of the day which has been designed systematically by the whole of abundant content, a disparate style of act, and a manageable and focused methodology, by the whole of well defined learning outcomes.

A portion of scrutinize and habit by a team of steadfast and matched professionals has back to the wall into developing the 3C order of the day, which ensures the completely development of the raw learners. This in start equips them with the exemption to find any knock the chip off one shoulder or pig in a poke that they manage face in their future.

Edify Brochures Download Linkhttp://edifyschools.com/downloadourebrouchure.html

Online Enquiry Formhttp://edifyschools.com/edifyFranchisee.html


School Franchise – EDIFY SCHOOL

The vision behind introducing the e-classroom in Edify Schools, was to help educators learn about the latest technology and how it can be integrated and applied as a powerful learning tool in the curriculum. E-classrooms were created and designed for students and facilitators to attain these technological skills. By integrating technology in the classroom, facilitators are able to teach their students as to how to use 21st century technological skills now and in the future.

The e-classrooms at Edify has partnered with ‘Edurite’ to provide resources specially designed to enhance the research skills of the students. We at Edify Schools believe in learning beyond the books and cater to the changing dynamics of knowledge through the power tool called technology.


About IGCSE Curriculum :

About CIE

University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) is the world’s largest provider of international qualifications for 5–19 year olds. It is a part of the University of Cambridge and a not-for-profit organisation.


The  mission is to work in partnership with education providers worldwide to deliver high-quality and leading-edge assessment services. We aim to be the preferred international provider of assessment services in the world through harnessing potential, lasting partnerships, high quality, charitable status and innovation.

Developing successful students

CIE was formally established in 1998 to provide high-quality, leading-edge qualifications that meet the ongoing demands of employers and educators across the world.


They offer a broad range of internationally recognised qualifications, both academic and vocational, which we have designed to develop successful students worldwide. These include general qualifications including Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge International A Level, Cambridge O Level and Cambridge Pre-U, a new post-16 qualification, plus a range of vocational Cambridge International Diplomas.

Working with governments around the world

CIE has worked in partnership with ministries of education, qualifications authorities and examination and assessment boards around the world for over 150 years. In some countries such as Singapore Cambridge examinations are the state qualification for students in secondary school. Tens of thousands of students take Cambridge O Levels every year.


In other parts of the world such as Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland, CIE has worked with governments to reform education systems, and helped to localise examinations by training officials, teachers, markers and examiners in curriculum development and assessment.


CIE is part of Cambridge Assessment, Europe’s largest assessment agency and a department of the University of Cambridge. Cambridge Assessment was established in 1858 as the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES).


The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a globally recognised qualification, offer by the world famous University of Cambridge .


IGCSE,formed in 1988, It develops and encourages vital educational skills, including oral skills, investigative skills, problem solving, team work, recall of knowledge, and initiative.. The IGCSE programme has worldwide status and credibility. In India, the course is delivered in over 200 schools .. It is recognised by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) as being at par with CBSE, IGCSE, etc.


Schools worldwide have helped develop Cambridge IGCSE. It incorporates the best in international education for students at this level. It develops in line with changing needs, and is regularly updated and extended. Cambridge IGCSE teachers can draw on excellent resources, training and advice from subject experts.

How does the IGCSE compare to other programmes like CBSE, IGCSE or the Middle Years Programme of the IB?

Like other modern programmes, IGCSE offers a wider range of subjects and encourages high academic standards through a practical approach to teaching and learning. Assessment is not limited to conventional written papers and they consist of a variety of tests e.g. oral and listening tests.

IGCSE is a balanced curriculum and a flexible course of study.

Most subjects offer a choice between core curriculum and extended curriculum. This gives students of all ability levels the freedom to choose subjects that are right for them and, thereby, the opportunity to score good grades.

The core curriculum is an overview of the subject and is suitable for students who are expected to achieve grades C to G.


CIE offers a wide range of  school programmes

Academic Qualifications

Upper Secondary

    • International A and AS Level
    • Cambridge Pre-U
    • AICE Diploma

Middle Secondary

Lower Secondary


IGCSE as a Middle Year Programme in DRS

IGCSE a Middle school programme at DRSIS-An integrated curriculum from grade VI to VIII and IGCSE from Grade IX onwards

Serve as a link between IB PYP DP

Subject groups

Group 1Core Curriculum




Social Science

Group 2 Languages




Group 3 Vocational Subjects

Information Technology



Physical Education

What are the benefits ?

IGCSE provides a foundation for higher level courses,

Good IGCSE grades count towards entry to universities and colleges around the world

IGCSE offers students a flexible course of study that gives them the freedom to select the subjects that are right for them

Study and examination at IGCSE provide a broad knowledge base and learning skills that provide excellent preparation for employment

Recognized by CBSE, IB, IGCSE and other State Boards

Facts figures

  • CIE is the world’s largest provider of international qualifications for 14-19 year olds
  • CIE courses are offered by over 8000 institutions around the world
  • CIE is part of the world-renowned University of Cambridge
  • Each year we have around 1.5 million subject entries for Cambridge exams
  • CIE candidate ages range from 5 to over 70
  • CIE was the first board to develop IGCSE, which celebrated its 20th birthday in September 2005
  • We produce around 8 million question papers each year (2.7 million for the June session and 5.6 million for November)
  • Over 2 million scripts for general qualifications are marked by CIE each year
  • CIE holds more than 800 training days a year, providing over 8000 teachers from across the globe with the skills and knowledge they need to help their students succeed
  • More than 2,000 schools across the world, including more than 250 UK schools, teach Cambridge IGCSE
  • Cambridge IGCSE is taken in over 100 countries (there are 350,000 entries a year)
  • Cambridge International A and AS Levels are taken in over 100 countries (over 90,000 entries a year)
  • CIE is the biggest provider of O Levels in the world and we offer more than 50 International O Level subjects. Every year CIE has 610,000 entries for International O Level from 76 countries.

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