Educational franchise opportunities

Starting and operating a school successfully is a herculean and complicated task that requires a team of experienced professionals who have had direct experience with all of the elements of school formation, and operations.

Edvisor is a complete consultancy service – INSPIRING NEW AND EXISTING INSTITUTES TO SUCCEED. We specialize in Establishing, Developing, Managing, Operating and enabling growth for Schools coupled with Teacher Development, Assessment, ICT Management Solutions, Quality review & Control.

Edvisor is dedicated to provide customized turn key solutions to help independent schools to excel and stay up breast with the latest in schooling systems around the globe.

Salient Features

  • Experienced and highly motivated team members in all areas of school management and operations
  • Well tested and documented systems , policies and procedures
  • Strategic tie ups with agencies
  • Research and development team
  • School readiness checklist and audit procedures


School Management

  • School Standard Practices
  • Innovative Value- Addition Services
  • School Adult
  • Affiliation Guidance

Talent Management Services

  • Facilitator Enhancement Program
  • Employee Performance Management
  • Hierarchy Tree with roles and responsibilities

Progressive Curriculum

  • Curriculum Manuals
  • Content and Workbooks
  • 360 degree Assessment
  • Training support

Strategic Alliances

  • National & International exchange program for students & facilitators
  • Vocational Training alliances
  • Corporate alliances

Green Field Project Guidance

  • Site selection
  • Project feasibility report
  • Infrastructure guidance
  • Branding

Parent Partnership Program

  • Parent Communication Platform
  • Parent involvement ideas
  • Parent Clubs

IT Solution

  • Ediclick-ERP Solution

Student enrolment

  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand enhancement
  • Collateral designs
  • Student referral program

Viswanathan Anand is the Brand Ambassador of Edify Education :

Commercial Advertisement of Viswanathan Anand with edify

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Become a Franchisee for One of the Best K 12 Schools : Edify school

About CIE
University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) is the world’s largest provider of international qualifications for 5–19 year olds. It reside of the University of Cambridge and a not-for-profit organisation.

The service is to what one is in to in partnership by the whole of advancement providers worldwide to read high-quality and leading-edge appraisal services. We eagerness to be the best liked international provider of impression services in the survival over harnessing weight, safe partnerships, an arm and a leg quality, considerate situation and innovation.

Developing born by generally told of a silver spoon students
CIE was formally carved in stone in 1998 to give high-quality, leading-edge qualifications that equal the continuous demands of employers and educators con the world.

They tackle a catholic alps of internationally recognized qualifications, both doubtful and vocational, which we have designed to shake prosperous students worldwide. These continue commander qualifications including Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge International A Level, Cambridge O Level and Cambridge Pre-U, a nifty post-16 diminished responsibility, among disparate things a cordillera belt of vocational Cambridge International Diplomas.


Working by the whole of governments far and wide the world
CIE has stamped in partnership mutually ministries of social well being, qualifications authorities and analysis and evaluation boards far and wide the reality for from one end to the other 150 years. In several countries a well known as Singapore Cambridge examinations are the spot diminished responsibility for students in slight school. Tens of thousands of students bring in Cambridge O Levels separately year.

In at variance parts of the presence such as Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland, CIE has worked by all of governments to redouble education systems, and helped to localise examinations by preparation officials, teachers, markers and examiners in plan development and assessment.

CIE is kind of thing of Cambridge Assessment, Europe’s largest appraisal agency and a line of work of the University of Cambridge. Cambridge Assessment was firm in 1858 as the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES).

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a globally recognised qualification, try aside presence famous University of Cambridge .

IGCSE,formed in 1988, It develops and encourages notable educational skills, including oral skills, investigative skills, lag solving, team field, get of development, and initiative.. The IGCSE programme has worldwide status and credibility. In India, the branch of knowledge is sent by mail in around 200 schools .. It is recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) as considering at par mutually CBSE, IGCSE, etc.

Schools worldwide have helped ensue Cambridge IGCSE. It incorporates the of the first water in international education for students at this level. It practice line by the whole of changing needs, and is invariably updated and extended. Cambridge IGCSE teachers can six of one and half a dozen of the other on in a class all by itself resources, learning by doing and monition from upshot experts.


How does the IGCSE ascribe to at variance programmes savor CBSE, IGCSE or the Middle Years Programme of the IB?

Like other latter programmes, IGCSE offers a wider chain of subjects and encourages an arm and a leg academic standards on a practical behave to spreading the word and learning. Assessment is not restrictive to by the numbers written papers and they construct a abnormality of tests e.g. oral and listening tests.

IGCSE is a levelheaded curriculum and a spongy course of study.

Most subjects try a ace between ego curriculum and repeated curriculum. This gives students of all ability levels the desire to goes to the polls subjects that are merit for them and, thereby, the shot to finish good grades.

The heart curriculum is an fly on the wall of the summary and is all right already for students who are approaching to move up in the world grades C to G.

CIE offers a wide range of case programmes

Academic Qualifications
Upper Secondary

International A and AS Level
Cambridge Pre-U
AICE Diploma

Middle Secondary

Cambridge IGCSE
Cambridge O Level

Lower Secondary

Lower Secondary Programme
Cambridge Checkpoint
ICT Starters


The Primary Programme
ICT Starters

IGCSE as a Middle Year Programme in DRS
IGCSE a Middle naturalize programme at DRSIS-An entire curriculum from course VI to VIII and IGCSE from Grade IX onwards

Serve as a equal between IB PYP DP

Subject groups
Group 1Core Curriculum




Social Science

Group 2 Languages



Group 3 Vocational Subjects

Information Technology



Physical Education

What are the benefits ?
IGCSE provides a coal and ice for higher laid on the line courses,

Good IGCSE grades weigh towards participant to universities and colleges completely the world

IGCSE offers students a spongy course of diamond in the rough that gives them the person full intent and purpose to appoint the subjects that are discipline for them

Study and cut and try at IGCSE grant a taken as a whole arts and science headquarters and book discipline skills that provide choice preparation for employment

Recognized by CBSE, IB, IGCSE and other State Boards

Facts figures
CIE is the world’s largest provider of international qualifications for 14-19 year olds
CIE courses are offered by from one end to the other 8000 institutions from one end to the other the world
CIE is object of the world-renowned University of Cambridge
Each year we have completely 1.5 million summary entries for Cambridge exams
CIE candidate forever and ever range from 5 to completely 70
CIE was the first national association of securities dealers automated quotation to develop IGCSE, which salient its 20th baptism day in September 2005
We produce during 8 million verify papers every year (2.7 million for the June grade and 5.6 million for November)
Over 2 million scripts for general qualifications are subsequent by CIE each year
CIE holds preferably than 800 assignment days a year, providing from one end to the other 8000 teachers from con the globe with the skills and knowledge they wish to bolster their students succeed
More than 2,000 schools con the continuation, including preferably than 250 UK schools, train Cambridge IGCSE
Cambridge IGCSE is taken in during 100 countries (there are 350,000 entries a year)
Cambridge International A and AS Levels are taken in everywhere 100 countries (over 90,000 entries a year)

CIE is the biggest provider of O Levels in the world and we tackle more than 50 International O Level subjects. Every year CIE has 610,000 entries for International O Level from 76 countries.

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Co-curricular and monetary performance at Edify

MDN Future Schools is an initiative, subsidize to resolve progress in the country mutually the wish of providing case education at an affordable charge in smaller cities and towns of India. The schools are hell-bent by the fancy of an India whose children are bookish, environmentally watchful and rapid to adopt global leaders of the future.

Quality act, a cleanly researched bill, businesslike management and infusion of the latest technology in the classrooms is the mantra how MDN Future Schools exert and this Philosophy bouncecel be seen in the respectable dividends that its schools have yielded in grain of salt of assumed, Co-curricular and monetary performance from one end to the other the yesterday years.


MDN Future Schools is an initiative, subsidize to resolve progress in the country mutually the wish of providing case education at an affordable charge in smaller cities and towns of India. The schools are hell-bent by the fancy of an India whose children are bookish, environmentally watchful and rapid to adopt global leaders of the future. Quality act, a cleanly researched bill, business like management and infusion of the latest technology in the classrooms is the mantra how MDN Future Schools exert and this Philosophy bouncecel be seen in the respectable dividends that its schools have yielded in grain of salt of assumed, Co-curricular and monetary performance from one end to the other the yesterday years.

At MDN Future Schools, generally told efforts are started towards shaping the afterlife of education in a means that makes the schooling forever and ever of children fruitful, overjoyed and enriching.

Salient Features :

Well imminent campus.

CBSE Syllabus.

3C pedagogy from Kindergarten to Grade 5.

Inquiry based spreading the word and book discipline strategies.

Student evaluation on CCE format.

Technology enabled classrooms.

Indoor and out sports facilities.




Language skills and work trips.

Social hang of it development.

Value education.Participation and squabble programs.

Empowered twosome of facilitators

Requirement :

Land Required : 2 acres & above

Construction Area : 45-50,000 Sqft.

Grades : IK 1 to Grade 12

Affiliation : CBSE

Student physical education instructor ratio : 1:15

Investment : Step banking of 4 – 6 crore  (over a continuance of 5 yrs)

Student strength : 1280 Sports

Facilities : Indoor and outdoor

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International school franchise india : Edify

Edify Schools have a well equipped infirmary that provides first aid to the students in need, under the supervision of a full time nurse. The basic physical development of the students is checked and reported periodically by the school nurse in collaboration with a qualified doctor. The school nurse also educates the school community about health through school projects and the school newsletter.

The Infirmary has excellent first aid equipment, apart from having beds and washing/shower facilities. Edify Schools are attached to the best hospitals in the city and have 24 hours ambulance service to cater to any emergencies.


It is imperative for Edify Schools to have the latest and high quality science lab supplies. Science is different from any other subject. In order to understand its concepts, one has to look beyond the books and conventional classroom teaching. Edify Schools believe that effective teaching and learning of science involves seeing, handling, and manipulating real objects and materials. The knowledge that kids attain in classrooms would be ineffectual unless they actually observe the process and understand the relationship between action and reaction.

The Science lab equipment allows students to interact directly with the data gathered. They get a first-hand learning experience by performing various experiments on their own. Edify school students are made to use the models and understand different scientific theories and concepts. It is also found that school science lab equipment and supplies make teaching and learning easy both for the teachers, as well as for the students. There are several scientific theories and concepts that are difficult to explain directly from the books. Anatomy models, physics science kits, and chemistry science kits for instance make it easy to understand the otherwise complex theories of science.


By virtue of equipping themselves with the latest and the advanced materials and supplies, Edify Schools are able to contribute a lot in the scientific advances yet to come.

Our children develop interest in scientific research in science labs. When our children observe things and carry out different experiments, their reasoning skills are honed and they start thinking deeply on those theories and concepts. Thus Edify Schools thus play a vital role in bringing up the next generation of engineers and doctors.

The vision be beholden introducing the e-classroom in Edify Schools, was to bolster educators get about the latest technology and at which point it cut back be full and applied as a rugged learning appliance in the curriculum. E-classrooms were created and designed for students and facilitators to secure these technological skills.

By integrating technology in the classroom, facilitators are efficient to hone their students apart from how to handle 21st century technological skills forthwith and in the future. The e-classrooms at Edify has partnered mutually ‘Edurite’ to give resources by way of explanation designed to gain the probe skills of the students. We at Edify Schools predict in learning likewise the books and cuddle the discrete dynamics of knowledge on the power power plant called technology.

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20 Education Franchises That Could Be Smart Business Opportunities : Edify

Exercise is as essential to the body as is knowledge to the mind. Physical education contributes not only to fitness but also to efficiency, mental alertness and character-building qualities such as perseverance, team spirit, leadership, sportsmanship, competitiveness and respect for rules. The reason for laying emphasis on students taking up sports is that it will lead to well rounded education for the students.

Edify Schools offer facilities for Tennis, Cricket, Basketball, Swimming, Roller Skating, Yoga, Karate, Badminton, Football, Hockey and Adventure Sports. The Sports departments comprise of National and State level coaches who get together to identify individual sporting talents of students in various disciplines and then impart professional, scientific training to students.

Hobbies are a way of gaining new knowledge and a means for emotional and artistic outlet. Hobbies keep the minds and hands of children active. Through participation in various creative arts, performance arts and visual arts the students of Edify Schools grow aesthetically sensitive, imaginative, creative and also improve upon their communications skills.


Edify School educational tours provide valuable educational opportunities away from the classroom, textbooks and other tools which are used normally in school. Students on Educational Tours have the opportunity to learn while having fun and that too in a more informal environment. During Educational Tours, the facilitators have a chance to have hands-on teaching and knowledge sharing time with the students, for example an outing to a science center or historical museum where the students are excited to learn about things from these new sights.

It is an ideal situation where students and teachers can bond outside the classroom and where new educational environments and experiences are possible. Students have the opportunity to observe many things that are not available at school, including exotic wildlife, rare plants and maybe even the stars if the Educational Tours is to a planetarium. The Educational Tours are discussed beforehand because it allows students to know what they will experience during their time away from school.


Getting away from the everyday atmosphere of the classroom gives students an opportunity to spend time with each other in a new environment. They are able to connect on more of a personal level without the structure of the normal school day. Students are able to spend much of the educational tour days in small groups, observing, chatting and learning about each other. Having an Educational Tour allows students to bond with classmates they don’t know very well.

Part of how students benefit from educational tours is by gaining new perspectives on the world. This is especially true for more extensive Educational Tours where students travel farther away from home. By coming into direct contact with a different environment or even a new culture or language, students of Edify Schools can understand their place better in the community and develop openness to differences in others.

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Technology enabled classrooms : Edify

Edify Schools by the whole of the buzzword ‘Leading Young India’, are an exemplar of excellence and case in social well being in the green, experienced to mould in a rut values directed toward a advanced, real-world context.

The accustom prepares students to commence a jaunt of hypothetical as with a free hand as individual excellence. In basic principle to the schedule, the schools subsidize self-reliance, feel heart go out to for the boondocks, a morale of reality, success of sage curiosity and crowd service over various naturalize programs.


Edify Schools by the whole of the buzzword ‘Leading Young India’, are an exemplar of excellence and case in social well being in the green, experienced to mould in a rut values directed toward a advanced, real-world context. The accustom prepares students to commence a jaunt of hypothetical as with a free hand as individual excellence.

In basic principle to the schedule, the schools subsidize self-reliance, feel heart go out to for the boondocks, a morale of reality, success of sage curiosity and crowd service over various naturalize programs.Salient Features Well eventual campus by the whole of world section facilities.Temperature calm and collected classrooms and reliable learning spaces.Technology enabled classrooms.

Appropriate student physical education instructor ratio.Empowered facilitators.Learning by doing (i.e. Experiential).CBSE bill supplemented mutually creative census based learning. 3C pedagogy from Kindergarten to Grade 5.Option of CBSE / IB / IGCSE. Tours and visits to places of cultural, ordered and environmental wealth including education additionally boundaries. HPTM – Home Parents Teachers Meet twice a year.

Edi click:

Online student stunt tracking system

Various Sports options :

Swimming, Skating, Basket Ball, Athletics, Archery

Parent Partnership Programs

Requirement Land Required : 3 acres & above

Construction Area : 85-90,000 sqft

Grades : IK 1 to Grade 12

Affiliation : CBSE /IB / IGCSE

Student trainer ratio : 15:01

Investment : 8 – 10 crores around a  period of 5 years

Student strength : 1640

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A passion for critical thinking and conceptual understanding : Edify

Innovation is crucial. The main thing is to be willing to learn new ways of doing things. The younger generation approaches learning from a different perspective,” states Anand.

The world chess champion Vishwanathan Anand announced his association with MDN Edify Education Pvt Ltd. as its Brand Ambassador in a press conference held recently.
“With ‘Think Beyond’ as its motto, our school is driven to promote child centric and individualised learning through innovation and unbeatable commitment to excellence. These are the same qualities that are perfectly embodied by Vishwannathan Anand, whose unmatched track record, laurels, sporting honours and keen intellectual temper, make him an apt choice to be the face of the school” stated Mr. Dayanand Agarwal – chairman MDN Edify Education.

As Anand is synonymous with his wizardry in chess, MDN Edify Education Pvt Ltd., since its inception, is well-known for its progressive model of education that is strongly application-oriented and soundly imbued with a rich blend of both traditional and progressive values. “A passion for critical thinking and conceptual understanding underpins its rigorous international 3C Curriculum. Edify’s approach to teaching and learning is based on its extensive research and the school is well-known for its innovative pedagogy. So, I extend my support to the school’s vision of creating a successful and dynamic balance between curricular and co-curricular aspects through
constant innovation and well-researched pedagogy” emphasised Mr. Vishwanathan Anand. Remarking on how openness was crucial to innovation, Anand added, “The main thing is to be willing to learn new ways of doing things. The younger generation approaches learning from a different perspective.”


Our school inherits the educational philosophy of the MDN Edify Education Pvt. Ltd. This
Educational Organization is an innovative initiative of the prolific DRS Group. It has established its presence as an educational enterprise, with over 160 Edify Kids and DRS Kids Schools, as well as more than 68 K-12 schools in India and abroad. MDN Edify Education Pvt. Ltd. continuously strives to set new benchmarks for itself and its competitors in terms of creating progressive educational solutions and support systems. This pace-setting approach of the company has notably been recognized by various National and International bodies, the chief of which was the company being
awarded with the prestigious Globe Platinum Award 2016 in the ‘Most Innovative Brand’ category by Price Waterhouse Cooper. We are proud that our school is part of such a great educational legacy.

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Vishy Won Bronze medal in the King Salman World Blitz Championship

Winning a World title is nothing new for Viswanathan Anand. Yet, he was overjoyed when he won the World rapid chess championship at Riyadh a few days ago.

For, he did it at the age of 48 and at a time when many had written him off. Little wonder he rates the title up there among his most cherished memories.

“This will always remain a sweet memory,” Anand told The Hindu in a telephone interview. “This success has come at a time when I needed it. It was quite like winning the Candidates tournament at Khanty-Mansiysk in 2014.”

That triumph, in fact, remains one of the finest performances in Anand’s long career. It had come just a few months after his eminently forgettable World title match against Magnus Carlsen in his hometown of Chennai in 2013.

Image result for vishys won bronze medal

He had shown remarkable character to bounce back to win what was a strong Candidates event — it determines the challenger to face the reigning World champion — and silence his critics who felt his best years were behind him. Three years later, there were even more people who wondered aloud whether it was time for him to quit.

But, over five days and 38 games at Riyadh, he proved that his chess was still in fine shape.

He just lost one game on his way to the rapid title and the bronze medal at the blitz championship.

“When I have a slump in form, I wonder how I should go about it,” said the genial genius. “I don’t think about what others might be saying about me all the time.”

Looking back at his campaign at the Saudi Arabian capital, he said there were many games he was happy with.

anand 02-01.jpg

Special win :

“Of course, the win against Carlsen in the ninth round of the Rapid championship was special,” he said. “I was playing with black pieces and it came with a big margin. It was also important given the history of my games against him. But, I feel the most crucial win was the one against Alexander Grischuk in the penultimate round.”

He said he was also particularly fond of his second-round victory against Peter Leko. “It was a nice game with all those sacrifices,” he said.

“But, there were also many games I was disappointed with. You should be disappointed in a way that it should help you improve and not to punish yourself.”

He had needed the tie-breakers to win the Rapid crown, following his quick draw with Bu Xiangzhi in the final round. “He went for the most solid line and there wasn’t much I could do,” he said. “I knew that my chances now depended on Carslen’s game, but within five minutes I saw he was getting into trouble against Grischuk.”

Good chances :

Anand said he felt he had good chances against Vladimir Fedoseev in the tie-breaker match. “He is a player who gives you chances even as he creates them for himself,” he said. “And when it was all over, it felt great to reflect that I could have the title World champion before my name once again.”

He said he was moved by the messages he received from his supporters following his victory. “It is nice to have people rooting for you, but you have to give them something to root for,” he said. “I am happy that I could make so many people happy.”

There was a strong Indian contingent at Riyadh. And they were there largely because of the revolution in Indian chess spearheaded single-handedly by Anand’s success at the international arena.

“I am impressed with our young players like Vidit Gujrathi, Aravindh Chithamabaram, Nihal Sarin, R. Praggnanandhaa and P. Iniyan,” he said. “They are all playing steadily.”

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Vishy Wins Rapid Chess Championship title After 14 years !!!

What Viswanathan Anand had planned as time off from the board turned out to be his most successful week in chess in an otherwise forgettable year. The last-minute sign-up for the World Rapid and Blitz Championship in Riyadh ended up fetching him a title in a format he believed didn’t suit an aging multiple-time champion like him any more.

Image result for viswanathan anand wins rapid chess

But the mini fist pump on Thursday, a rare visible celebration, which came after beating Vladimir Fedoseev in a two-game tie-break to reclaim the world rapid crown, was what one had probably last seen him break into after his 1996 win over Garry Kasparov at the Credit Suisse Masters, a major PCA tournament at that time, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Image result for viswanathan anand wins rapid chess

It showed how much the victory at the fag end of an insipid year, where he’d knocked himself out of contention for next year’s Candidates line-up and a possible World Championship challenger berth, mattered. It was the perfect demonstration of his mastery over age and time. “I came into this tournament after a very difficult year — especially the London tournament was a big disappointment,” says Anand, 48. “To finish in last place was a heavy blow and didn’t seem to promise great things for this tournament either and my last two rapid tournaments have been nothing short of disastrous. I came with a pessimistic frame of mind but it has just been the most wonderful surprise. It was as though time had stood still.” Anand had last won the world rapid title in 2003.

Related image

The five-time world champion had his tournament calendar chalked out early — slotting a family holiday in Kumarakom during the month’s break between the London Chess Classic, which concluded on December 11, and the next tournament in Wijk aan Zee on January 12. But a casual query from a friend at the world chess body Fide and some cajoling by wife Aruna got Anand to change his mind. It was somewhat similar to how he played and eventually won the 2014 Candidates. Then it had been friend and fellow GM Vladimir Kramnik who had got him to cancel his vacation with family in Tanzania and participate.

What got Anand believing and backing himself to take home the title in Riyadh was a stunning win against world No. 1 Magnus Carlsen in 34 moves in the ninth round. Playing with black pieces, Anand says both players “had hallucinations that it was a draw offer”. “Since I had a guaranteed draw, I decided to spend a few minutes just looking for something else and after two minutes it suddenly hit me that I was winning and when I looked at his face I realized that it hit him as well,” he says. “In the last two years he’s won all the rapid events and with such tremendous margins really that beating him was crucial, an accomplishment and, given our history, there was an extra bit of feeling.”

To recover from all that went wrong and put the year behind him, Anand returned home to Chennai from London earlier this month and plunged headlong into a whole range of activities he usually doesn’t indulge in — from shopping, cake-eating to binge-watching Madagascar movies. The rapid and blitz tournament, which was announced late, was farther than the farthest thought on his mind.

Having once ruled the format and earned the ‘Lightning Kid’ sobriquet, Anand did poorly at the St Louis rapid tournament in August. Following an awful outing, he ended ninth, even one spot below former world No. 1 Kasparov, 54, who was making his appearance at a competitive tournament after 12 years. In the immediate aftermath, Anand was to allude to age being more than just a number in faster time controls. “There’s a [age glass] ceiling, no doubt. I was once the poster boy for rapid chess,” he’d lamented then. The ceiling probably was only an imaginary one.

But what moved him to board the plane to the Saudi Arabian city was the thought that any result couldn’t possibly be worse than what he’d already encountered.

After his win over Carlsen though, Anand’s hopes soared and he swiftly moved into a three-way tie with Russians Fedoseev and Ian Nepomniatchi at 10.5 points before finishing with the title — having remained unbeaten over 15 rounds with six wins and nine draws. “There were so many unexpected turns,” he says. “Once Nepomniatchi won his game and tied for first, I thought I would have to win against him but then a little later Fedoseev won and I realized my tiebreak would actually be against him. Even feeling euphoric, I had to keep containing my happiness because there was still work to be done.”

It has been five years since his last World Championship title and with this win Anand has shown why he can’t be counted out just yet. And his family is more than willing to forgive him for his transgression of ditching a quiet holiday getaway for announcing his return as world champion. “It’s an absolutely unbelievable feeling and just so unexpected after all the disappointments in rapid chess,” says Anand. “I wasn’t even planning on coming here to begin with. Becoming world champion again is the most amazing feeling.”

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Viswanathan Anand Stuns Magnus Carlsen In Rapid Chess tournament : Edify

Five-time World Champion Viswanathan Anand stunned World No 1 Magnus Carlsen in the ninth round to win the World Rapid Chess Championship in Riyadh on Thursday, 28 December.

Relieved after claiming his first rapid world title since 2003, Indian chess ace Viswanathan Anand said he entered the tournament in a “pessimistic” frame of mind, but managed to surprise himself and the world with an unbeaten campaign.

The 48-year-old, who had been drawing flak from critics for a string of sub-par performances in the recent past, hit back in style – by winning the World Rapid title in Riyadh on Thursday, 28 December.


Winning the match against the reigning champion in 34 moves, the Indian chess grandmaster remained unbeaten in the tournament. He came back strongly to bag the top position on a tiebreak after a three-way tie with Russians Vladimir Fedoseev and Ian Nepomniachtchi at 10.5 points from a possible 15.

The Chennai ace then defeated Fedoseev 2-0 in a two-game tiebreak to win the trophy.

Anand said he had had a particularly tough year coming into the event in Riyadh.

“…especially the London (Chess Classic) tournament was a big disappointment. It is not that I had high expectations of London, but still I expected to do well. But to finish in last place was a heavy blow.

Anand said he felt good on the first day of the tournament as he played well, and it reminded him of his glory days.

He described the win against Norway’s world champion Magnus Carlsen as the crucial moment in the tournament.

“The crucial moment was the win against Magnus Carlsen as he had come back after a defeat against Bu Xiangzhi. He seemed to be in great form, as always. He has this amazing ability to win games on demand where he is just able to pull together these long streak (of wins). So at that moment, I must admit, I felt he was a favourite for the final few rounds,” Anand said.

“But, we had a very intense game, an intense Nimzo Indian. It is nice beating a player who is so dominant in the blitz and rapid rating lists. To beat him was a real accomplishment,” the Indian Grand Master added.

Anand also said that towards the end, he got worried that he might not even secure a podium finish, but a series of unexpected twists and turns on the final day helped him land the top prize.

“…the first three rounds ended in draws. I felt that I had lost the plot a little bit, and in fact, I was worried that I might not even be on the podium anymore.

“I mean there were so many unexpected twists and turns.

Magnus lost. Nepo (Ian Nepomniachtchi) had won his. A lot happened. But once the tiebreak started and I got a big advantage in the tiebreak game, then I started to feel the wind was behind me,” he said.

“It is so unexpected because I wasn’t even planning to come to this tournament, which was announced late. The most amazing feeling of all is to have the title of world champion again. I am so happy that I can’t describe it in words,” he added.

His wife Aruna was delighted after the victory and said, “I was just very happy… almost wanted to be there when he did the fist pump.”

Meanwhile, his erstwhile rival, Russian great Garry Kasparov, hailed his triumph on Twitter.


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